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Real Women have Curves

2/16, 2/17 @ 7:00 PM
2/18 @ 2:00 PM
2/23, 2/24 @ 7:00 PM
2/25 @ 2:00 PM
3/2, 3/3 @ 7:00 PM
3/4 @ 2:00 PM
@St. Paul's Cultural Center
645 S. 2nd Avenue

2/5/2018 at YCT
2874 E. 16th St., 7:00 PM


Real Women Have Curves, 2/16-3/4/18

 !!!!!!!!!! AUDITIONS !!!!!!!!!!!

We have a new venue for the season! Come see us at the St. Paul's Cultural Center. Wonderful intimate seating and perfect acoustics.

See our final season show - Real Women Have Curves!
Annual Meeting this coming August

Fall rehearsals are in full swing and our building is busier than ever!

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You or your business can be a YCT Sponsor!


YCT has purchased property! The address is 2874 E. 16th St. (or Hwy 95). As you head to the Palms Mall on Hwy. 95 it is the third business on the right past Ave. 3E. Dr. Anderton gave us a great deal on the property, and now it's up to us to make it the best home YCT can imagine. Follow us on our journey to create a Theater home for Yuma Community Theater.

The front half of the lot is graveled parking. The rear half contains three buildings. The main building is a 5,192 sq. ft. metal warehouse with offices built out in the front. Behind it is a 720 sq. ft. finished garage and a 84 sq. ft. paint storage shed. The property was in need of attention due to the fact that it has been vacant for over 6 years. But it holds so much promise! 


Building Committee Update:

Swamp coolers: The main cooler has been installed. We were having some problems with it but have assessed the situation. If we leave the water on (it evaporates too fast to turn it off after each use) then it works. I did some research on line and the general rule to thumb is that you should/cannot cool to any less than 20 degrees above the dew point. (Example – right now the dew point is 61 degrees, optimal cooling temp would be 81 degrees.) Should the unit be able to get it cooler you would feel like you were in a sauna due to the elevated humidity. At that point George from Sun Power Plumbing recommends we turn off the water and just run the fan. George says it will continue to cool, given the increased humidity in the room. George also recommends that we open the overhead door a bit when we are in there. It will increase the air circulation, pushing the hot air up out the roof vent.

We also really want to get the other smaller unit working (donated by Ralph) but have found there is no water source to the hose bibs on the east side of the building. George from Sun Power Plumbing is looking into it.

Pest Control:  Truly Nolen has treated both buildings for termites – and we have a year’s guarantee. The costume garage has been added to the monthly pest control as well.

Weed Control:  The lot, as well as the easement between the fence and 15th and the fence and 16th, has been cleared of weeds and sprayed. Dan (the applicator) will follow up on the few weeds that are showing up since the spray. Thank you to the Dimons for their generous donation and orchestrating this project, and to Mellon Farms for the water truck and water necessary after the herbicide application.

Organization:  We have created a “shop” area in the NE corner of the building. All our tools and supplies, including painting supplies, are organized on the shelves, donated by Salty Dog printing.

The bump out room in the NW corner is going to be used for props (excluding the larger pieces). We are in the process of cleaning out the cabinets and storing the smaller pieces in them. A couple of furniture blankets have been hung over the entrance in an effort to reduce the dust inside the room.

Garage AC:  Ralph and Mark are proceeding with this project. They worked on it 6/24 early in the morning, and Mark on 7/1. The ac unit is installed and the electrical work is under way.

What comes next: The committee decided the next project will be to add racks and shelves to the costume garage so we can organize it. Productions are still having problems locating costumes in our collection, and there are still some being stored by various members due to the lack of somewhere to put them. I am in the process of creating floor plan so I can make a recommendation and we can price out materials.

Thank Yous: besides those already mentioned, thank you to Mark Henrikson, Ralph Gray, and Mike Finch for all your hard work. Thank you to Ralph for donating his extension ladder (as long as he gets to borrow it when needed!). And thank you to Mike Jarvis for coming with his fork lift to help install both swamp coolers (free of charge.)


It's been a long time since I've written on this blog, and I apologize. Here is a short synopsis of where we are now:

We are conducting all meetings, rehearsals, and set construction at our building! The front office is air conditioned, the swamp cooler for the back is almost installed, we still need to do some wiring. And we are slowly cleaning up and organizing the back.

Mr and Mrs Dimon have graciously agreed to pay for the removal of all the weeds and spraying so they won't come back. We are eternally grateful, that chore got sorely out of hand with this winter's rains.

We have a building committee that is slowly working on some immediate repairs needed to utilize the building for membership now, the swamp cooler was on the top of the list. We plan on adding an AC unit to the garage that holds our costumes and electronics as well. It's important that those items stay cool during the summer. The AC unit has been purchased, we just need to do some remodeling to get it in. There are plenty of other items on our to do list. If you would like to come out and help just drop an email to We work most Saturday mornings.

Our goal is to have the back cooled sufficiently to hold our Aug. annual meeting there. I'm confident that we will. Come and see what we have done!


What a great annual meeting! Everyone who came had a chance to look over our building and property. And the pot luck was fantastic. We had tons of really great food to graze on the entire time. Thank you to everyone who came and contributed.

We are working on getting an extra window AC unit in the back building which houses our costumes and electronics. The one unit cannot keep up with our summer temperatures. Anyone who has experience and would like to help install a window AC unit please contact Ralph Gray or Mark Henrikson.

We also need to get the AC in the front office of the main building fixed/replaced. We have been advised to replace it and Ralph Gray is looking for bids on the project. Does anyone know where we can get the best price. Please contact Ralph if you would like to help.

Other than those two projects we are just trying to raise money to help pay down the mortgage. It's too hot to do much else! Once we get the costume room sufficiently cooled we will resume sorting and organizing our extensive collection. I look forward to being able to get back to that project. More news as things progress!


If you have not been by the property recently you will be in for a surprise! Mark and Mary Henrikson and Dianne Grider with help from Sam Cervantes and friends laid a new porch floor for us. Gone are the old curling planks with nails sticking up. Gone as well are the silver fish bugs that were thriving underneath them! We now have beautiful red pavers laid with such precision it is mind boggling. Thank you to everyone who took on that project!

The electronics room is staying cool as a cucumber due to our newly serviced window AC unit. We will need to see what we can do about the rest of the back garage building. Our costumes are ok for now, but we are getting quotes about AC in that room. Since we keep the door to the electronics locked the rest of the garage is a little on the warm side.

Are you coming to our Annual Meeting? It will also be an open house - you get to tour the property and see what all the fuss has been about. We on the board are so excited to show all of you our/your new home. We have been tossing around so many different plans - we would love to have your input! This will be YOUR theater!


All our belongings (minus some costumes at various costumer's homes) are moved into our buildings. No more storage rental units, no more rent to the church for storage and rehearsal. The saving does not quite cover our mortgage, but it helps.

We have been cleaning and repairing, bit by bit. The bathrooms have all new toilets, faucets, and supply lines. Our new septic tank is installed and operating. We have a new hot water heater. We are getting the HVAC checked out next week. The lot has been sprayed for weeds and we are slowly clearing out the dead material and trash that was left laying around.

The Henriksons have been working diligently on the property. Dianne donated and hung new blinds on the windows. She also donated a high power shop vac and has been cleaning out the cobwebs in the back (as high as anyone can reach). Mary donated a tarp to cover our chairs and Mark has been working on the large roll up door and the seals under all the doors. They all have been working on the weeds and trash. There is much more - you will have to come see during the annual meeting!

Again, thank you to all of those that have volunteered and spent time working on the property. If I were to make a list I know I would forget someone. So - Thank you to all our hard working volunteers.


We have begun moving in! The crew from "Lend Me a Tenor" has moving their set building materials in. They will we be the first to utilize our new property. We will also move the set and props from "Mousetrap" to our own property after the last show next week end.

But let me back up - we have had two work mornings at the property and have the main building almost cleaned up. We need to bring a ladder and clean the ceiling fans and the upper cupboards and we need to get the bathrooms fixed so we can clean them. But they will be inoperable until the septic tank is replaced. Right now we are cleaning with buckets of water that we empty outside. Thank you to everyone who has helped in that endeavor.

We also have begun removing the weeds from our lots. A very special thank you to Kevin Irr who has worked tirelessly both Sat. mornings. He fills our dumpster faster than they can empty it. Also thanks to Eva Cervantes and Gary Gleason who also helped out.

It looks like we are not going to make our Feb. 1 deadline of moving in. There is still some cleaning to do and we need to get the electric turned on in the rear garage that will house our costumes. But we would rather do things right up front than rush it.

Here is a list of jobs and materials we are in need of. If you can help with any of these please email us at so we can arrange access.


The last week or two since taking ownership we have:
  1) Had removed a HUGE fichus tree which had destroyed the septic system and was threatening the foundation of the building.
  2) Started repairs to bring the electric and plumbing up to code. This includes a new septic tank, replacing the hot water tank, refitting the plumping fixtures, adding a back flow system, and servicing/repairing the HVAC in the front offices. Our electrician also spent 3 days bringing the electrical wiring up to code, thank you Tom of Hansberger Electric.
  3) All services have been turned on with the exception of the electric in the garage. We are awaiting the county's inspection. Of course, we cannot use the plumbing until the septic is done, the plans are in the hands of county engineering as I type.

Here is our to do list for the rest of January:
  1) Replace the front door with a steel security door, cover the glass sidelights with siding for security reasons.
  2) Test and update/replace the window air unit (add a second?) in the finished garage. This is where we would like to store all our costumes. This way we can provide a climate controlled atmosphere without running the air in the main building all the time.
  3) Clean up all the weeds on the lot! Repair or improve the front porch. Let's improve our home's curb appeal!
  4) Thoroughly clean the insides of all buildings. The shed will take some doing, then we can use it for paint storage.
  5) MOVE IN!!! We would like to move in by Feb. 1 so we can stop paying to store our props and set pieces as well as pay for rehearsal space.
  6) We really want to hold February's board meeting in our new home. CAN YOU HELP US???

We will be sending out periodic emails asking for help. To start, we are meeting on Saturday, Jan.16th at 9:00 AM to work on cleaning up. We need:
  1) Workers of all shapes and sizes. Bring gloves and a rake, shovel, or hoe.
  2) If you prefer to work inside (I don't know if we will have a septic yet?) bring a broom, cleaning rags and buckets.
  3) Trailers to haul trash to the dump.

We would like to get everyone involved - this is YOUR property. Help us shape it to be the very best we can build.

We will keep this page updated as we progress along. Please, come back and check in!

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