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Real Women have Curves

2/16, 2/17 @ 7:00 PM
2/18 @ 2:00 PM
2/23, 2/24 @ 7:00 PM
2/25 @ 2:00 PM
3/2, 3/3 @ 7:00 PM
3/4 @ 2:00 PM
@St. Paul's Cultural Center
645 S. 2nd Avenue

2/5/2018 at YCT
2874 E. 16th St., 7:00 PM


Real Women Have Curves, 2/16-3/4/18

 !!!!!!!!!! AUDITIONS !!!!!!!!!!!

We have a new venue for the season! Come see us at the St. Paul's Cultural Center. Wonderful intimate seating and perfect acoustics.

See our final season show - Real Women Have Curves!
Annual Meeting this coming August

Rehearsals are in full swing and our building is busier than ever!

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YCT Webmaster -Joanne Kidd

Yuma Community Theater

Yuma Community Theater (YCT) began performing in Yuma during 1980 when it was founded by its original members. YCT incorporated in 1983 as a 501(c)3 with the IRS in the State of Arizona. According to the State records it is the oldest continually operating community organization in Arizona. YCT is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors.  The Board meets on the first Monday of every month at the Yuma Community Food Bank.

YCT markets its productions throughout Yuma county to all ages and economic groups by way of public service announcements, newsletters and emails to its members, advertising in newspapers, magazines and radio, as well as public appearances donated by the media. All actors and members are volunteers from the local community who are interested in helping preserve and promote live theater in Yuma, Arizona. Audiences are comprised of a diverse mix of residents and seasonal visitors who enjoy seeing their friends and neighbors present live, local theater productions.

Per its by-laws, YCT is a volunteer group. It has no paid staff nor are any members of YCT remunerated for their time, efforts and talents they bring to the organization. Musical productions will sometimes incur the cost of hiring a pianist or musicians for rehearsals and performances.

Each person who participates in the creation or execution of a performance must join Yuma Community Theater. The annual member dues are $1. If you wish to have voting rights the membership is $10/year.

In recent years, Yuma Community Theater has been more nomadic than we would have wished. We have performed at Gila Ridge High School and Woodard Jr. High. For our 2016-17 we are proud to announce a return to the Historic Yuma Theatre in downtown Yuma. We will present two shows for the season, one in Nov. and one in March, 9 performances of each show.

We purchased a property in 2015 at 2874 E. 16th St. The property has the elements necessary to create our own theater - but it will take a lot of hard work and an additional investment. Our goal now is to raise the necessary funds to make that dream a reality.

Yuma Community Theater has the following mission:

  1. To produce works of theater,
  2. To promote community interest and support of live theater, and,
  3. To provide opportunities for members to participate in various phases of theater work

YCT has eight Honorary Lifetime Members: Evelyn Smith, Louise & Clay Guy, John and Lynn Herrera, Fred Brown, John Paul Plante and Ralph Gray.. Sadly, we all said our last farewells to Lifetime Member Bob McCain on May 13, 2015.

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